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CHIJ Katong Convent’s spirituality programme offers a suite of contemplative practices as a means to ground and centre each individual regardless of his or her faith. To develop communion, connection, and awareness with ourselves, each other, and God, the school makes room for contemplative practice: moments where all may focus on either stillness or generative practice as a means to grow in peace with the rest of the KC family so that we may be aware of where we are and what we’re doing, and not be overwhelmed by the volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous world.

Morning reflection is a daily occurrence in KC, with students and teachers, regardless of faith, coming forward to share their experience and learning with the rest of the school. Teachers and school leaders share personal stories and struggles, students unearth insights and frustrations. Sharing reflections not only cultivates compassion but also teaches our students to be discerning citizens of the world, guided by what is morally and ethically right.

The KC family strives to constantly connect all her members in different ways to build a safe space for contemplation, reflection, strengthening and healing. Be it the monthly Masses attended by parents and students, the termly Spirituality Programme where students reflect on being mindful community members, or in Character and Citizenship Education (CCE) lessons where the class shares on topics such as harmony and rising to meet challenges, space is made for the school community to connect with themselves, each other, and God.

Blessed Barrè and his reflections provide inspiration to the teachers to embrace the key tenets, which undergird our being and becoming. With our continued prayers, KC strives to grow in the same steadfast spirit of service and love which gave Blessed Barrè his vision some four hundred years ago.

Catholic News

In the latest edition of The Catholic News Singapore, CHIJ Katong Convent shares how, in this age of busyness and uncertainty, we make space for quiet contemplation as a means to quieten anxious thoughts and emotions to grow in peace with the rest of the KC family.

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Spirituality in Katong Convent

CHIJ (Katong Convent) strives not just for excellence in the academics, sports and arts, but believes in the development of the heart, soul and mind of every child that passes through the gates of KC. It believes in inculcating strong moral character based on Christian values and principles.

The spirituality programme forms the umbrella for 5 key areas in the school’s spiritual activities:

1)    Religious Education (RE) pull-out sessions for Catholic girls / Reflection sessions for non-Catholic girls

2)    Eucharistic Celebrations (Masses)

3)    Prayer Services

4)    Retreats

5)    Sec 1 weekly Connect programme (for Sec 1 Catholic students only)

The spirituality programme falls under the main responsibility of the School Chaplaincy Team (SCT). The Catholic teachers play an important role in ensuring that Catholic students receive a holistic spiritual education in the school through its programmes, activities and formal lessons, in alignment with the Catholic churches’ vision for its Catholic mission schools.

The whole school approach towards developing the spiritual dimension of a child is met through Eucharistic Celebrations, prayers and retreats carried out throughout the academic year for every child in Katong Convent. The school believes that in national or school celebrations, we have much to thank God for and know the need to continue to ask for His blessings.

Prayers are said daily during morning assembly, in the chapel on Wednesdays before school starts and at noon to help instil in the students a sense of eternity through the need to connect themselves with God. Morning masses are celebrated in the school chapel every term. Having reflections is a culture that is instilled in the students through its formal RE pull-out sessions and its yearly retreat. Through such days of reflection, students listen to sharing of life experiences, reflect on their own actions, take stock of their life journey, assess and realign their goals.

The spirituality programme supports the fundamental Catholic school ethos and the spirituality of the school. It is a process which facilitates the school’s ongoing effort to nurture each student’s unique spirituality, in line with the CHIJ’s school mission of creating a Christ-centred environment.

Catholic Education Sunday

The Archdiocese designated 15 September as Catholic Education Sunday. The aim of Catholic Education Sunday was to underscore the importance of School-Church-Home partnerships in delivering a unique Catholic education. During the weekend of 14 and 15 September, at least 25 parishes, Catholic students from Catholic schools served by participating as lectors, as a joint choir singing alongside the church choir, and/or altar servers. Our Catholic students, served as lectors, celebrating CES at the Church of Our Lady Queen of Peace at the Saturday, 5.30 pm mass and Sunday 11 am mass.

Catholic Education Conference

The Catholic Education Conference 2019, themed ‘Living the Mission, Celebrating the Spirit’ served as a rallying call to celebrate the ethos and spirit of a Catholic school through the sharing of good practices among schools on how to build a stronger Catholic school culture. It was a platform for schools to share good practices and reflect on how to live out the mission of a Catholic school in everyday policies, processes, practices and mindsets. It brings together the head, heart and hands which contribute towards making the mission and spirit of Catholic schools come alive.

The conference programme in the morning featured a keynote address by Brother Paul Rogers FSC and Father Adrian Danker SJ for adult participants and students respectively. Students had the opportunity to reflect on their roles and mission and shared their ideas with students from other Catholic schools through interactive activities.