Arts & Culture Programme

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The CHIJ Katong Convent Arts and Culture Programme (A&C) is an exclusive leadership programme for students passionate about the arts and who wish to serve as advocates and leaders of the arts in KC. Conceived from the school’s rich heritage in the arts which has flourished since the 1960s, the A&C Programme is the the pinnacle programme of our Communicative, Performing and Visual Arts (CPVA) framework. The A&C empowers select students into an arts leadership role through the E3approach of Exposure, Empowerment and Enactment.

The programme has three aims 1. Exposure to the arts; 2. Empowerment of Arts Advocates; and 3. Enactment of arts advocacy; through which we develop the arts leader who advocates for the arts and shares her interests and talents with others.

  1. Exposure: To nurture appreciation through engagement with the arts and exposure to industry professionals.
  2. Empowerment: To imbue foundational knowledge and skills, fundamental vocabularies and develop perspectives of the arts and culture industry.
  3. Enactment: To provide experiential opportunities that engage others and foster community by capitalising on the new ideas and energies afforded by the arts.


The programme has a two prong focus of 1. Cultivating arts leaders for the KC community and 2. Facilitating experiential opportunities in arts management.

The KC arts community draws from the school’s strong culture in the visual and performing arts where the focus has mainly been on enactment outcomes with emphasis on the arts practitioner. However, the practitioner-centred approach is not fully representative of the vibrant and diverse arts interest of the KC community at large, as its reach is limited to the opportunities afforded by the structures within the performing arts CCAs and arts instructional programmes

A&C works beyond the constraints of the performing arts CCAs and arts instructional programmes, using an inclusive approach to extend opportunities to individuals with the aptitude and interest toward the arts, regardless of their talent or ability in any art form. The programme seeks to provide understanding of the entire arts ecosystem, introducing students to aspects of arts management and advocacy through customised training and exposure.

Through the programme, Arts Advocates are given the opportunity to understand the arts from multiple perspectives, undergoing experiences to the workings of the arts industry and gaining cognitive insight into planning and conceptualisation of arts events. KC’s Arts Advocates are provided leadership opportunities to lead and enact arts programmes within the school. Their art experiences are further enriched through attending a wide variety of performances, artist talks and arts workshops.

With A&C, the school’s long-term goal is to create a tradition of strong leaders & advocates in the arts enriched by their rich experiences, positioning our students to fulfilling the expectations of the KC Graduate Profile which are: An effective communicator; An innovative problem solver; A compassionate servant leader; and A discerning citizen of the world.

Signature Programmes

Arts Bites
Arts Experiences and Industry Learning Journeys
Book and Music Week
Student-Initiated Arts Festival