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Total Defence Day

Total Defence Day (TDD) was commemorated on Friday, 15 February. All students and staff experienced emergency conditions such as no electricity for the first one hour of the day, sweet potato porridge ration during recess and a fire drill.

Although some students felt uncomfortable for the first hour without electricity, they remained attentive and focused during lessons. During recess, the students were “treated” to an experience of having emergency food-rations comprising simple but filling sweet potato porridge. To end the TDD experience for the day, the school was put through an Evacuation Drill, based on a scenario involving the detection of a suspicious-looking, unattended suitcase left outside one of our classrooms. The school was evacuated to an assembly area far enough to be safe from where the item was found, and the teachers in their functional groups carried out their assigned duties of accounting for any missing persons or rendering first-aid to those who needed it.