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Total Defence Day

Total Defence Day 2020

As Singapore grapples with the outbreak of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) and with mass assembly suspended for now, this year’s Total Defence Day commemoration in Katong Convent took a slightly different slant. Our girls were treated to a 26-min SG short film entitled: SQ117 – Men Behind the Mask in their own classroom. Following the short film, form teachers went through reflection questions with their students to identify the important qualities and attitudes that are vital to making a strong military force. Wipe-Down campaign was also launched on 14 February in all schools to promote social responsibility, national resilience and personal hygiene. It was heartwarming to see students and teachers demonstrate active citizenship by practising the 4-step wipe-down routine during recess that day. It has since become a daily routine of the students in keeping their area clean after meals.