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Sec 4 and 5 Retreat and Tree-Planting Ceremony

Sec 4 and 5 Retreat 2019

On 25th and 26th September, our respective Sec 5 and 4 graduating students painted the final colours on their KC canvas which they had held for the past 4-5 years. Known also as School Missions, the Sec 4 and 5 retreat marked their final KC experience before they embarked on their study leave leading up to the national examinations.

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Co-organised by KC’s chaplaincy team and the Redemptorist Mission Team from the Novena Church, the sessions focussed on helping students make positive choices towards a good outcome in life and drawing strength from their faith and themselves, making peace and reconciliation as well as  having the self-belief and confidence to move forward in their next phase of life.  

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The highlights for many of the students were the t-shirt-writing and the teacher sharing sessions during the Toast for Change. The former involved students writing personal messages of love, hope and reconciliation on each other’s t-shirts which had been gifted to them while the latter involved Sec 4 form teachers sharing their words of love and hope for the girls.


The Sec 5 girls experienced a similar retreat with sessions on writing their hopes, dreams and affirmations of themselves drawn on a silhouette of their hands and feet on a banner. The highlight of the retreat was the gratitude and reconciliation sessions which the students.

They also shared that many friendships were reconciled and the class felt more bonded and motivated to move ahead. It was certainly a memorable day for both groups of students.


Tree-Planting Ceremony

On the morning of 26th September, the school gathered outside their classrooms at Level 1 to 3 to witness the start of a tradition of KC graduating cohort students adopting and planting a tree during the tree-planting ceremony. This is in answer to the call of Pope Francis’ encyclical writing of Laudato si in particular, to love our environment. In line with the celebration of CHIJ 165th anniversary this year, all IJ schools are called to plant a tree as a symbolic act of loving our environment.

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During the ceremony, our graduating cohort, led by the school leaders and priests from the Redemptorist Mission Team, marched to the garden welcomed by rousing applause and cheers from the juniors. The ceremony began with the hymn – Seed, scattered and sown, followed by the opening address by the Principal and blessing by Fr Terence Wee. Thereafter, three representatives from each class shoved the soil into the base of the tree, watered and placed their class decorated plague next to their tree to complete the tree-planting ceremony.

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The symbolic act of planting trees represents the work of every KC girl who arrives through the school gates, sink their roots for 4 to 5 years here and are nurtured under the caring hands of the staff. The trees will be handed over and cared for by the graduating cohort each year. 

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