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National Day Celebration

National Day Celebrations 2020

This year’s National Day celebration, in the context of the COVID-19 situation, took on a different level of innovation and creativity as we sought to bring National Day to the students while maintaining safe distancing measures.

The first segment of our celebration focussed on observance ceremony where students from the National Civil Defence Cadet Corps, Girl Guides and the student leaders demonstrated their steadfastness in duty to the nation through their engagement in the ceremony. This was followed by the screening of the recollection video, highlighting Singapore’s past, the contributions of our key leaders and the pioneer generation, and how we have overcome the challenges as one Singapore. The form teachers then conducted a citizenship and character education (CCE) lesson, focussing on what it means to be Singaporean and to consider the future Singapore that we would like to build.

The second segment featured a virtual concert and inter-house challenge. For the former, the CHIJ Katong Convent concert band performed their rendition of ‘Home’ by Kit Chan, followed by the choir’s performance of ‘We Will Get There’ by Stefanie Sun. For the latter, students watched a live stream of representatives from their houses participating in traditional games such as skipping rope and chapteh. The inter-house sports challenge ended in high spirits as all participants knew they had done their best for both their class and their house.