DMA Parents Option

DMA Parents Option Guide for Chromebook

DMA Parent Guide v2.0 - Default Chrome OS.pdf
DMA Parent Guide v2.0 - Option A Chrome OS.pdf
DMA Parent Guide v2.0 - Option B Chrome OS.pdf

Option A
For Parents who have chosen Option A, when logging into the Mobile Guardian page, please do not use the Sign in with Google button, otherwise you will encounter an error.

Log in using the email address you have provided and the password you have set during the onboarding of your account.

MG login page.PNG
Option B
During school hours, the Chromebook only allows an iCON account to sign into the device. An iCON  account is a student account that is an email address ending with 

To avoid activity logging, content filtering protection, and to enable the installation of Chrome  applications/extensions, the child/ward should sign out of the iCON account after school hours / during holiday period

After school hours / during holiday period, the login screen has an additional option to sign in as a guest user.

Note: This login option is only available for Option B Chromebooks.

Upon clicking on the “Browse as Guest” option, you are now able to enter any personal Google  email address to sign in.