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National Digital Literacy Programme (NDLP)

The NDLP was launched in March 2020 to make digital learning inclusive by equipping students with the digital literacies to be future-ready. Under the NDLP, MOE announced that every student will own a school-prescribed personal learning device (PLD) by end-2021.

Please find the briefing slides on NDLP during the Sec One Parents Engagement Webinar held on 18 Jan here (please click).

NDLP @ CHIJ Katong Convent

In alignment with our CHIJ Katong Convent’s desired graduate outcomes, we seek to leverage this PLD initiative to develop our students to be

  • Compassionate Servant Leaders who demonstrate respect for self, others and reaches out in service to those in need
  • Innovative Problem Solvers who think from different perspectives to generate alternative solutions to manage learning with confidence online   
  • Discerning Citizens of the World who navigate the cyber world with integrity and discernment  
  • Effective Communicators who connect with others in meaningful online relationships to co-construct knowledge

Blended Learning @ CHIJ Katong Convent

Blended learning is a mix of home-based and in-school activities that taps both online and offline approaches to learning. Blended Learning takes place during school days and independent learning days.

As KC embarks on Blended Learning, our students will be using the PLDs for:

  • active learning in all subjects
  • learning tasks that require research, digital creation, and collaborative learning
  • self-directed learning and to enhance their personal productivity with applications like calendaring and note-taking. 

Personal Learning Device @ CHIJ Katong Convent

CHIJ Katong Convent has short-listed the Chromebook as the PLD for our students. For us, as with many schools, the key considerations informing our choice of the device are rooted in the affordance for classroom teaching and learning across all subjects and the accessibility it provides to students.  We are striving for a common-device environment to support the students and teachers more effectively.

The Chromebook is a device which is not overpowered and offers less distractions to learning. It is also an affordable device for all KC students. Its multi-touch HD display with a 360-degree hinge enables our students to use it like a tablet or laptop. Coupled with the stylus, students will be able to use it for notetaking, sketching, and working out complex math problems by hand.

If your child/ward is a Singapore citizen, you can use your child’s/ward’s Edusave to pay partly or fully for the PLD. For families who have financial concerns, you may refer to the section below on “Financial Assistance”.


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Resources for Parents

The following are useful resources to support our parents in keeping our students safe online:

Purchase of PLD

To proceed with the purchase of PLD, please complete the online form at this link.

The online form will consist of:

  • Intent to Purchase PLD
  • Edusave Withdrawal (for SC only)
  • Authorisation to collect PLD

If you are unable to submit this form online, please contact the school General Office for a hardcopy version or click this link to download the files, and submit it to the General Office.

Financial Assistance

Subsidies are available to students who require financial assistance.

Students who are under the following schemes would automatically qualify for subsidies and do not need to take any action:       

  • Singapore Citizens who are already on MOE FAS or
  • Singapore Citizens who are already on our school-based FAS Scheme (IJ Bursary) and whose Gross Household Income (GHI) is $4,000 or less, or Per Capita Income (PCI) is $1,000 or less.  
  • Students who are currently not under the above schemes may approach the school’s General Office or download the Application for Subsidy Form to apply for additional subsidy if their Gross Household Income (GHI) is $4,000 or less, or Per Capita Income (PCI) is $1,000 or less. “PCI” refers to the Gross Household Income divided by the total number of family members in the household.

Application for subsidy should be submitted to the General Office

Further Queries

The NDLP FAQ should be useful in answering most of your queries.

To access/find out more about...


Edusave Balance

6260 0777

Financial assistance available / Payment related matter

6448 6433

(Mr Tan Wee Hian / Mdm Tan Mui Suan)

DMA / IT equipment related

6448 6433

(Mr Tan Hong Yak/ Mr Kevin Yan)

Should there be any further queries or clarification, please email chijktcs@moe.edu.sg.