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CHIJ 165 Celebrations (1854 - 2019)


IJ 165, Ever Seeking, Ever Serving

National Stadium, 28 May 2019

Tuesday 28 May 2019 saw the gathering of all 11 IJ schools in the National Stadium as we celebrated 165 years since our founding by Blessed Nicholas Barre. Walking into the National Stadium, one felt the electric air of enthusiasm and joyous celebration. Here, in one place, generations of IJ students, teachers, alumni, parents, religious Sisters and Priests met to give thanks for the blessings and service of the IJ community.

It was a memorable programme, not only with the celebration of the eucharistic mass as a single united IJ body but with the commemoration of the acts of service of those who came before us, ever seeking, ever serving. 

Beginning with a series of videos, lovingly produced and compiled by Katong Convent, the IJ story was movingly- and nostalgically-narrated by many voices and people. This tapestry of stories then seamlessly segued into the singing of the IJ favourite, ‘Hold on to our Dream’ by the original singers of the song. 
A celebratory mass was conducted by the Archbishop and 27 priests to give thanks to the Lord and it ended with a special thanksgiving speech by the Chairperson of the IJ Board of Management, Ms Vivienne Lim as well as the launch of a new IJ commemorative book titled, ‘Ever Seeking, Ever Serving’. 



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