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Values in Education Programmes (VIA)

VIA focusses on developing character and acquiring values through service to the school and the community. VIA experiences enables KC students to live out core values such as empathy, compassion, service and resilience; hone skills such as organisation and communication and strengthen civic responsibility and emotional connection to the community.

In CHIJ Katong Convent, the VIA focus, experience and development for Sec 1 to 5 is progressive:
  • Sec 1 – Self
  • Sec 2 – Reaching out to peers and seniors
  • Sec 3 – Reaching out to the community
  • Sec 4 & 5 – Leaving a legacy; beyond self, beyond now

Students are encouraged to carry out VIA activities that are in line with the focus for their level. These activities can be organised at the individual, class or CCA level. They are particularly encouraged to initiate their own VIA opportunities whereby on their own accord, they identify specific needs of the community partner or beneficiary and then follow on to plan and implement VIA activities to meet those needs. Such student-initiated activities allow students to hone leadership and organisational skills, in addition to developing them to be compassionate servant leaders.