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Education & Career Guidance Programmes (ECG)

The Education and Career Guidance (ECG) programme at CHIJ Katong Convent centres on exposure and experience in order to link the secondary school experience with post-secondary school experiences as well as the world of work.

The programmes offered in Katong Convent are:
  • ECG lessons conducted during curriculum time
  • Visits to selected post-secondary educational institutions, eg. polytechnics and ITEs
  • Talks by representatives from institutes of higher learning
  • Career seminar for graduating cohort
  • Advanced Elective Modules (AEMs) at polytechnics
  • Elective Modules (EMs) at ITEs
  • Educational Fair in term 1
  • Training on interview skills and writing of portfolios
  • Preparation for EAE and DSA
  • Work attachment opportunities during non-covid period

Some activities are planned for a whole level and some are voluntary. Students will be informed of available opportunities ahead of time.

Over the 2-year lower secondary and 2-year upper secondary segments of schooling, each student will receive bite-sized ECG information which will progressively inform them about the different pathways open to them and prepare them to make sound decisions about their future.

Here at CHIJ Katong Convent, we aim to give you the best possible head-start to students’ personal development, post-secondary & future career preparation. We endeavour to ensure that students’ ECG experience will enable them to make informed decisions about their combination of subjects as they move from lower to upper secondary, and available post-secondary options.

Students who would like to explore more about their post-secondary options, or find out more about their career interests, strengths and passions can make an appointment to have a chat with the school’s MOE-ECG counsellor, Ms kate Choo at Kate_Choo_Huey_Xuan@schools.gov.sg to ask questions or request for an appointment.