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Our Goal

CHIJ (Katong Convent) is committed to providing each student with a holistic education and in nurturing values-driven, principled and caring KC girls who are active contributors of our society.

Programme Overview

Other than the academic, the school works to bring out the best in her character and sharpen her competencies in the skills necessary for the 21st century. We hope to see in our students a compassionate servant leader, an innovative problem solver, a discerning citizen of the world and an effective communicator.

The Character and Citizenship Education (CCE) programme in Katong Convent encompasses 6 key areas:

  • CCE lessons
  • Education and Career Guidance (ECG)
  • Cyberwellness
  • Sexuality Education (SEd)
  • National Education (NE)
  • Social Skills

The CCE programme in the school is aligned to MOE’s Character and Citizenship framework which forms the school’s overarching framework for the 6 key areas, and underpinned by the school values of Perseverance, Integrity, Excellence and Respect.

The school values form the core foundation from which our students achieve the desired outcomes of a KC Graduate. In turn, each KC graduate shall live out the school mission by promoting truth, justice, freedom and love. We envisage this framework will achieve the desired outcomes of education as well as equipping our students with 21st century skills to be prepared citizens of the world.

CCE Framwork graphics.jpg

Katong Convent believes in the inculcation of strong moral values in all our students. Through the CCE programme the school focuses on developing the moral well-being of the students by helping them acquire and live by the values that guide them to make appropriate choices and determine their behaviour and attitude towards themselves, others and the environment.