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Recollections – Convent by the Sea by Judy Ang (KC 1964)

Silver Jubilee celebrations at Katong Convent (1955)

Recollections – Convent by the Sea

Hi I am Judy Ang!

I joined KC in 1955 (Primary 1) and left in 1964 (Commercial Class – those days KC conducts a Commercial Class where commercial subjects like Shorthand, Typing, Arithmetic, English and Handwriting were taught). My form mistress was then Mrs Pereira, a very strict and no-nonsense teacher and our Principal was Sister Finbarr. My primary school principal had been Mrs D’Rose.

Our tuck shop was run by one vendor, all uncles (I can still remember one Uncle John). There was one ice cream seller in the tuck shop also. Food was cheap then. One bowl of noodles cost ten cents and twenty cents for a bigger bowl. A glass of sweetened drink was five cents.

I can still remember the big old tree near the fence facing the sea. During recess time me and my classmates would sit on these huge roots of the tree and look at the sea. And on few occasions during stormy weather our field will be flooded. The sea water rises and comes right into our field. It was a very lovely sight as if our whole school was afloat on the sea; at the same time, it’s very scary as if the whole school would be washed away.

Ms Violet Oon, Singapore’s Food Ambassador who owns “Violet Oon’s Kitchen” was my classmate (I think in Primary Six). And there’s also the late Susan Lim who was my Secondary School classmate. Susan Lim was the lead singer of the popular band known as “The Crescendos” in the 60’s.

Most of our teachers were Eurasian and so were our classmates. Most of my classmates lived along Telok Kurau which is near KC. During our days students spoke only English and not the Chinese dialects or Mandarin. I remember in Primary Three we had our second language i.e. either we chose Mandarin or Malay. I chose Mandarin but later switched to Malay which I found to be an easier subject.

Thank you KC for the fond memories.