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Parent Teacher Support Group

A Close-Knit Team

KC PTSG comprises parent volunteers and teachers who drive home-school partnership in KC. The group is led by two Chairpersons, six Level Representatives and two teachers.

Supporting the School

Whether you have an hour a week or just an hour a month to spare, the time you give tells your daughter that her education is important to you. The school appreciates help from parents in the following areas:

  • LOWER SECONDARY NT READING PROGRAMME (for students weak in English): Parent volunteers help students improve their oral communication skills by going through selected reading material with them and where the situation permits, become mentors.
  • VIA OPPORTUNITIES: As part of role-modelling service to the community, parents are encouraged to organise and carry out VIA activities together with their daughters. There are many VIA opportunities such as organising CNY parties at elderly care centres, bringing the disadvantaged out to places of interest, serving food to the needy, etc. Your ideas and networks are greatly appreciated!
  • CAREER TALKS: Parents are warmly invited to share about their vocations/ jobs or source speakers from a wide variety of sectors to help students gain insights into job choices and career prospects. This is especially meaningful for the graduating students.
  • WORK ATTACHMENTS: During the school vacations, selected Sec 3 students participate in work attachments at a wide variety of organisations for periods of up to 2 weeks. These include the Zoo, Awfully Chocolate, Gelato cafes and even film and media companies. Parents’ help is needed to source for companies and organisations to host our girls for these work experiences. Work attachments are valuable in instilling values such as resilience, independence and hone skills such as communication and literacy and are very much enjoyed by our girls.
  • SCHOOL EVENTS: Parents’ help is often needed to support key school events such as fund-raising events or celebrations. Parents may be needed to organise, manage and seek sponsors for such events.
 Some of our parents from the PTSG at our first Sports Evening in April 2018.

Fostering Camaraderie

There are no formal PTSG meetings; instead, parents meet on a more informal basis (e.g. to plan and prepare for school events, to participate in activities such as badminton, baking or cooking sessions or simply to catch up over a meal at a parent’s home or cafes, etc.). These sessions help to promote camaraderie amongst KC parents and strengthen parent-child, parent-parent and parent-school relationships.


Our parents and students collaborating during the Sports Evening in April 2018.

Keeping in Touch

The PTSG chairpersons and level representatives keep in touch with parents through WhatsApp. Class and/or activity WhatsApp groups are created for parents to network and discuss common issues pertaining to their daughters’ class, development or areas of interest. These chat groups also an integral part of KC PTSG communication. If you would like to join the PTSG WhatsApp class or activity groups, please send a message to the chairpersons so they can add you to the respective chat groups.

PTSG T-Shirt

PTSG has their very own KC PTSG T-shirt for parent volunteers. These comfortable navy blue-coloured dri-fit tees are available in a range of sizes for $15/ piece. If you are interested in getting one for yourself, do let the PTSG chairpersons know or you may also contact the PTSG teachers.

Family Matters@School

Running alongside the KC PTSG programme is Family Matters@School, a programme by the Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF) to equip parents and young adults with skills to nurture positive family relationships. Several talks and workshops are organised throughout the year to equip parents with the relevant knowledge in handling their teenage daughters and empower them with useful skills in overcoming obstacles and challenges to succeed in life. Examples of workshops and talks organised include:

    • Motivating Your Child and Managing Expectations
    • Parenting By Design - Different Children, Different Needs
    • Effective Communication with Your Child
    • iPost, iShare, iLike - Engaging the Children and Teenagers' World of Social Media
    • Help Me Help My Child Cope with Exam Stress

If you're interested to join PTSG or volunteer for any of the above activities or just have ideas to contribute, please contact KC PTSG:


  • Rowena: 82684712 (Mobile)
  • Nalla: 98188495 (Mobile)
  • Christine: 97527974 (Mobile)


  • Ms Cheryl Anne Lim: 64486433 ext 132 (School)
  • Mr Luke Ezekiel: 64486433 ext 143 (School)

If you have any ideas on activities for FM@S or would like to have a session on a particular topic, please contact KC’s FM@S parent representative:

Mr Glenn Yow


Updated on: 8 January 2018