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Cyberwellness Tips For Parents

Parenting in the Digital Age



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Smartphone Usage

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  • When should I allow my child to have their own phone?
  • How do I know if my child is ready for a smartphone?
  • What kind of rules can I set for my child when using the phone?
  • Are there apps I can use to protect my child?
  • I know some schools require the use of phones, but I am worried for my child? 

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What is the right age to give my child a smartphone?

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 Clique Click

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Screen Time Issues

ScreenTime Photo.jpgHow do we manage a child’s screen time?

  • Any tips to guide a child on managing his/her screen time?
  • What is your opinion about screen time on educational apps on ipad/mobile devices for children? My child is 4 years old and enjoys colouring, matching etc.
  • How do I know if my kid is addicted?

  • For parents with preschool kids, how can they better engage their preschooler in the area of screen time. How do we balance the pros and cons for the young minds.
  • What are examples of limit setting strategies parents can use with their children?
  • How do parents role model appropriate screen usage given that many are not exactly shining examples when it comes to this?
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How much time should my child spend staring at screens?

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A Parent's Guide to keeping Children Safe & Smart Online

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  • How do u define cyber bullying? Is vulgar messages on Whatsapps or reposting someone's picture on social media consider as cyber bullying?
  • A child was often bullied. One example of online bullying- once someone added him to a chat group, many others leave the platform. To Prof Lim Sun Sun, what do you suggest for him to overcome this?

Educator’s Guide to Cyber-bullying

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Reproduced here with permission from Media Literacy Council. 

Updated: 10 October 2019