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Latest News

Book and Music Week 2018

Book and Music Week was held from 11th to 13 July 2018. This year’s theme was Facets which delved on the many ways of looking at life and exploring the many sides to a character, setting, organisation and even issues. Read more...

KC Sports Evening 2018

KC Sports Day this year was held on 6 April at the Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD). This year, KC’s PE Department reintroduced the house system and the response was phenomenal, with the students cheering enthusiastically for their houses throughout the event. This is also the first time KC Sports Meet is held in the evening. Read more...

Alumni Homecoming Day

KC celebrated its first ever Homecoming for alumni, family and friends on Saturday 18 November from 4pm to 8pm. It saw a fantastic turnout of almost 2000 guests and alumni, some of whom queued for almost an hour to buy a ticket to see the new school campus, catch up with former teachers and classmates and reminisce in the revamped yet familiar school setting. Read more...