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  • To enthuse and nurture all students in scientific literacy to help them make informed decisions and take responsible actions in their daily lives.
  • To provide strong science foundations for students to innovate and pursue STEM for future learning and work.

Lower Sec Programme

  • To cultivate students’ appreciation of Science.
  • To stimulate students’ curiosity, interest and enjoyment in Science and matters relating to science and technology as well as developing their care for the environment.
  • To provide students with a firm foundation of unifying ideas at lower secondary across all three Sciences before they specialise at higher levels of learning.

Upper Sec Programme

  • To develop students’ scientific skills in everyday life e.g. observing trends and patterns and analyzing data from media reports.
  • To engage students in meaningful scientific discourse with others e.g. social and moral issues related to advances in science.
  • To build learning experiences that will stretch thinking and promote interconnectedness and develop independent thinking.

Signature Programmes

  • KC enrichment workshops
  • Lab internship with external organisations