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Mother Tongue Languages


  • To nurture students to be proficient users of their MTL in their daily interaction with others
  • To inculcate moral values and enable students to appreciate the diverse cultures, heritages and traditions.

Lower Sec Programme

  • The lower secondary programme aims to inspire the love of the language in students. Lesson activities are carefully scaffolded to support and enthuse students in their learning of MTL. Through guided facilitation, teachers bring news into class to engage students in meaningful discourse and bring about greater social awareness on what is happening beyond the textbook.

Upper Sec Programme

  • The upper secondary programme aims to develop students to be reflective and critical thinkers. Our team of MTL teachers constantly explores a repertoire of pedagogies to equip students with the skills and knowledge to express their opinions and views confidently in MTL. The department often organises talks and programmes that provide greater opportunities for students to experience the use of and appreciate the beauty of the language in relevant and real-life contexts. Through these meaningful learning experiences, we hope to develop students with the 21st Century competencies to become self-directed learners and proficient users of MTL.

Signature Programmes

  • Lunar New Year Celebrations
  • MTL Fortnight
  • MTL Cultural Appreciation / Learning Journeys
  • MTL Publication
  • Internal and External Competitions