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Design & Technology


Design & Technology (D&T) education in KC aims to nurture in our students a way of thinking and doing – designerly dispositions which are inherent in design practices – through designing and making. The designerly dispositions are defined as:

  1. Embracing uncertainties and complexities.
  1. Being cognisant of and resolving real-world, ill-defined problems.
  1. Having a relentless drive to seek out how things work.
  1. Engaging the use of doodling and sketching, and 3D manipulation of resistant materials as a language for visualisation, communication and presentation.

Lower Sec Programme

Our lower secondary D&T programme emphasises the following:

  1. Thinking through sketching to generate and to develop design solutions.
  1. Exploration and experimentation of ideas through mock-ups to allow students to seek a practical and appropriate design solutions.
  1. The making of prototypes as a cognitive and hands-on endeavour.

Signature Programme

  • Design Thinking