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Character Awards 2018 – Invitation for Nominations

Nominations for the Character Awards (School Values, SHINE, Sr Deirdre O’Loan, Special Commendation, Blessed Barré Award and MOE Edusave Character) are open from 31 July to 13 August 2018.

We would like to invite the public, parents, coaches, instructors and KC students to participate in this nomination. Nomination forms may be obtained from our General Office. Please submit completed nomination forms to our General Office.

The nominee should be a KC student who demonstrates one or more of the following qualities:

  • IJ Values. She demonstrates clearly aspects of IJ Values: Promotion of Truth, Justice, Freedom and Love; and/or
  • School Values. She demonstrates clearly aspects of School Values: Perseverance, Integrity, Excellence and Respect; and/or
  • A high level of Civic Responsibility. She is concerned about issues in the community or issues faced by others, initiating action to address these issues to improve the lives of others, and being committed to make a positive difference; and/or
  • Qualities associated with Resilience. She has persevered despite facing difficult circumstances (e.g. financial problems, family issues, health issues etc.), and managed to overcome the odds and still do commendably well in academic and non-academic domains; and/or
  • Breakthrough in Behaviour. She has made significant positive behavioural change and has managed to sustain the good behaviour.
  • Pioneering Spirit. She showed the gumption to make a difference and go beyond the status quo, forming partnerships to effectively steer the course towards the goal. The nominee should also be a consistent good role model in her conduct (exemplary behaviour and actions) and attitude.