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Girl Guides

CHIJ Katong Convent's Girl Guides


Ms Audrey Lee
Ms Heng Pei Yan
Ms Hannah Nadhirah

Training days, time & location

Fridays, 3.15 p.m. to 6.00 p.m. 
*Students may be down occasionally on Saturdays for various GG HQ events and activities.
School (for regular CCA sessions), Girl Guides HQ or Camp Christine (for some HQ events) and other venues assigned by HQ (for other events).


  • Our Vision
    • All girls are valued and take action to change the world.
  • Our Mission
    • To enable girls and young women to develop their fullest potential as responsible citizens of the world.
    • To nurture the IJ-KC Girl Guide spirit of love, family and loyalty.


  • January: CCA Fair, Sec 1 recruitment and induction
  • February: World Thinking Day Celebration, WAGGGS initiative, leadership renewal
  • March: GGS cookie project, Wee Kim Wee Challenge (East Division), preparation for East Division Brownie Revel, leadership training I, service learning project
  • April: Hosting and sharing of skills at East Division Brownie Revel, Total Defence badge work
  • May: Enrollment for recruits, Wee Kim Wee Challenge (Finals), leadership training II
  • June: Patrol Leader Training Course
  • July: Proficiency badge work: first aid, emergency helper, pioneer, national heritage, local history, East Division Outdoor Cooking
  • August: National Day Parade, National Camp, East Division Day, BP Quest, annual Guides camp preparation
  • September: 1-star kayaking proficiency badge work
  • November: Annual Guides camp, preparation for 2019 World Thinking Day competition, leadership training III
  • Whole year: Gold, Silver, Bronze Awards and other proficiency badge work



On 13 April, our KC Girl Guides Company participated in the annual East Division Day, where Guides from schools in the east division came together to compete and showcase their talents and skills through various competitions. The theme for the competitions was ‘Beyond Singapore’, and 25 of our Guides took part in 7 competitions. They had spent the month of March preparing for the various competitions, having gone through several rounds of feedback from the teachers. We are pleased to share that the Snack Making team comprising Carrie-Anne Lee (S2-01), Ong Ciu Lu (S3-02) and Jenna Aaliyah Edison (S3-06) clinched the Merit Award.


Our KC Girl Guides also used the platform to commemorate International Friendship Day by sharing the cultures and Guiding activities from Japan, Korea and Mexico. The Guides not only understood how we are part of a worldwide movement that represents ten million girls and young women, but they also learnt to respect the different cultures and gained confidence when interacting with fellow sister Guides and Brownies.


In addition, the KC Girl Guides Company was also presented the Puan Noor Aishah Gold Award for work done in 2018. The Puan Noor Aishah award is a prestigious award presented to Brownie and Guide companies that have fulfilled the criteria set by Girl Guides Singapore; Guides or Brownies have to participate actively in the unit, divisional and HQ activities, serve the community wholeheartedly, and be self-directed when it comes to levelling up their skills and proficiencies; Guiders, who are the teachers-in-charge of the company, have to organise the activities for the weekly meetings, and on top of that, be active contributors in divisional and HQ meetings and activities. This award will serve as a motivation for the Company to continue to strive for excellence in all our endeavours. 


  • Puan Noor Aishah Gold Award
  • World Thinking Day Poster Design Competition - Bronze
  • Hosted the 11th East Division Brownie Revel
  • Wee Kim Wee Challenge (East Division) - Silver
  • VIA project at St John's Home for the Elderly


  • Puan Noor Aishah Gold Award
  • World Thinking Day Instagram Competition (Photograph that Captured the Most Number of Persons' Award)
  • Won 4 out of 7 East Division Day competitions - 2 Silver, 2 Merit
  • Hosted the 10th East Division Brownie Revel
  • Service Learning at Orange Valley Nursing Home (Clementi)

Updated: 4 January 2019