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Track & Field


To enhance student development in character and potential in sports.

Programme (Lower Sec)

Secondary One students are introduced to the different events and to allow the coach to identify potential talents. The training programme will cover the following aspects:

  • Warm Ups & Safety
  • General Conditioning
  • Stretching
  • Cardiovascular Fitness
  • Events & time trials
  • Injuries & treatment management
  • Muscular Fitness (lower body)
  • Preparation for Time trial for new athletes (track work)
  • Target Setting

Programme (Upper Sec)

In addition to the above programme components, our upper secondary students are expected to exercise leadership skills and lead in cool down and stretching, as well as guide and mentor the lower secondary members.  

Achievements (Last 3 years)


  • National School Games 2018 B Division Girls 200m - Gwendolyn Therese Lim Ean Bee of Sec 401: 3rd position
  • National School Games 2018 B Division Girls Long Jump – Wickramanayake Maheesha S of Sec 403: 4th position
  • National School Games 2018 C Division Girls Shot Put – Janelle Ho Xyn Yi of Sec 201: 1st position
  • National School Games 2018 B division  4 x 100 m relay team comprising of  Gwendolyn Therese Lim (Sec 401),  Hia Jing Lin Alicia (Sec 406), Tuan Mun Mun (Sec 401), Tjoe Marleena Tiara (Sec 502) and Amanda Chan Wai Yee (Sec 306) made it to the finals and achieved their personal best timing.



  • Finals for National School Games B and C division 100 m

Updated : 8 October 2020