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9. Needing A Transfer?

Seeking a Transfer Out

Parents / Guardians who wish to transfer their daughter / ward out of CHIJ Katong Convent based on medical ground may appeal under Medical Appeal Exercise. All applications must be accompanied with the relevant supporting documents.

MOE will assist parents/guardians in finding a school with the appropriate resources. The transfer is subject to available vacancies in the school. You may wish to refer to Reference F of the S1 Information Booklet for the list of schools with special needs facilities.

For students who have been accepted by other schools, please email a copy of the school’s acceptance form to chijktcs@moe.edu.sg for processing of the student’s withdrawal

Parents may refer to the flowchart below for the appeal process:

Appeal for Transfer.PNG

Seeking a Transfer In

If you are seeking a transfer into Katong Convent, please click on the following links (links will be enabled by 21 Dec):

Do ensure that your daughter / ward’s PSLE aggregate meets Katong Convent's Cut-off Point for this year’s Secondary 1 Posting.

The deadline for the submission of appeals is on 27 December 2022, 12pm.  Late submission will not be allowed.