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7. Choosing a CCA

Guidelines for Secondary Ones

KC’s Co-Curricular Programme aims to uncover each student’s talents, develop their potential, build character and help them to cultivate a lifelong interest in recreation.

CCA Policy

CCA participation is compulsory for all students in MOE secondary schools.

Every student must participate in ONE core CCA.

Students are strongly encouraged to remain in the same CCA for the complete school year and participation has to be continuous throughout the course of secondary school education.

Under the LEAPS (2.0) grading system, points are awarded for leadership, achievement, participation and service.

Details of the grading system and the school’s CCA policy are spelt out clearly in the Student Journal.

CCAs Trials & Auditions

The objective is to help identify the talent in our students and develop their potential to the fullest.

Students are strongly encouraged to attend all four dates reserved for trials/ auditions, on the 12, 14, 21 and 26 January 2022, and they should try out CCAs from at least three of the four different categories (Uniformed Groups, Sports and Games, Performing Arts and Clubs and Societies).

Details on the trial/auditions for each of the CCAs will be displayed in the foyer by Mon, 10 January 2022.

Selection Criteria

Sports and Games

Students must be medically fit and have no long-term illnesses or conditions that will prevent them from participating in physical activities.

Students must be physically fit to participate fully in the training drills and activities during the trials.

Performing Arts

Passion and commitment for the Arts. Each Performing Arts CCA has its own distinct guidelines; please clarify with the Teachers in charge of the respective CCAs.

Uniformed Groups

Medically fit and a passion for the outdoors and adventure. A passion for community service. Students must be able to attend school holiday and/ or weekend activities at certain points of the year.

Clubs and Societies

Has a passion for community service. (IJYM) Has an interest in and aptitude for Information Technology and digital media. (MediaComm Club) Confident in public speaking and/ or has a strong interest in current affairs and world issues. (Debate) Possesses good presentation skills, innovative and creative, and has a strong interest in marketing and sales. (Entrepreneur Club) Students must be able to attend school holiday and/ or weekend activities at certain points of the year (all).

Selection of CCAs

All Secondary One students will be required to go online to select a CCA of their choice. They will be asked to make five choices and the school will allocate students according to their talents as well as their preferences.  Please take note that the school will endeavour to allocate a student to one of her five choices.

Once a Secondary One student has been allocated a particular CCA, she must participate in that CCA for the whole of her first year. She can only request for a change of CCA in the first month of Secondary Two.

The timeline of the Sec One CCA Allocation Exercise can be found in the sections below.

Should there be an instance where a student does not get any of the five choices she made (due to the quota allocated to each CCA), special arrangements will be made and she will be advised personally by the teachers in-charge of CCA registration.

CCA Attendance

Please note that while CCA in primary school is optional, CCA in secondary school is compulsory and students’ attendance must be regular. The school views absence from CCA without a valid reason as truancy, which is a serious offence. 

Students with attendance less than 75% for each term (without a valid reason) will receive a “Fair” for conduct in their report book.

Frequency and Timing of CCAs

CCAs are held on Wednesdays and Fridays after school. All CCAs will end by 6:00 p.m.

Sports & Games and Performing Arts CCAs will generally hold sessions twice a week while Uniformed Groups, Clubs and Societies (except for Debate), once a week.

Please note that students taking some Higher Mother Tongue classes will have their language lessons in another school and these may clash with the designated CCA days. They are thus advised to select a CCA that does not clash with these lessons.

CCAs Offered

CCAs offered fall into four core categories:
      • Sports & Games
      • Uniformed Groups
      • Performing Arts Groups
      • Clubs & Societies

The availability of Secondary 1 membership in 2022 is indicated next to each CCA:

Sports & Games
Uniformed Groups
Performing Arts Groups
1. Badminton (10)
1. NCDCC (15)
1. Choir (20)
1. Debate Club (8)
2. Floorball (12)
2. Girl Guides (16)
2. Chinese Orchestra (20)
2. MediaComm Club (8)
3. Netball (12)

3. Chinese Drama (8)
3. IJ Youth Mission (8)
4. Tenpin Bowling (10)

4. Dance (10)
4. Entrepreneur Club (8)
5. Track & Field (10)

5. Dramatic Arts Society (14)
5. *Cabin Club
6. Canoeing (10)

6. Concert Band (20)

7. Sports Development Club (10)

Total: 74
Total: 31
Total: 92
Total: 32

*Cabin Club is a CCA for NT students only.

For more information on the individual CCAs you may visit our CCA webpage.

Schedule of CCA Selection in January 2022

5 Jan
Commencement of CCA for Sec 2-5 and Sec 1 DSA
Various venues
12,14,21 and 26 Jan
CCA auditions by CCA teachers, coaches and instructors
Various venues
27 - 29 JanOn-line registration opens on Wednesday, 26 January 2022, at 6:00 p.m. and closes on Friday, 28 January, 11:59 p.m..
3 - 4 Feb
CCA allocation exercise

7 Feb
Release of Sec 1 CCA allocation results

9 Feb
Commencement of CCA for Sec 1s
Various venues
9 - 11 Feb
Appeals for Sec 1 CCA
    • Students are strongly advised to attend the 1st session of their assigned CCA before submitting a request for a change.

Tips for students in their selection of CCAs

If you have done well in a CCA in primary school, you may consider carrying on with it in secondary school to hone your skills further, especially if it is in the area of sports and the performing arts.

Choose a CCA which interests you; something you will enjoy doing and one which will help you develop as a balanced individual.

If possible, choose a CCA which you have an aptitude for.

Do not be influenced by your friends as you may not enjoy doing what your friends enjoy.

Be open to learning something new and discover your hidden talents if you do not get your first or second choice.