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Who is eligible

Students who:

  • Are Singapore Citizens.
  • Attend government or government-aided schools.
  • Have a monthly gross household income of $2,750 or less, or a monthly per capita income of $690 or less.

Difference between Gross Household Income (GHI) and Per Capita Income (PCI)

To calculate PCI, divide the monthly gross household income by the number of people living in the same household. This allows students from larger families to benefit from the scheme.

How it works

Under MOE FAS, your child will receive:

  • A full subsidy of $5 per month for school fees.
  • A full subsidy of $10 per month for standard miscellaneous fees.
  • Free textbooks and school attire.
  • $15 transport credit per month if your child takes public transport.
  • A $2.90 per meal subsidy for school meals, applicable to 10 meals per school week.

How to apply

You can download the MOE FAS application form or collect a copy at your child’s school. Submit the completed form with all the relevant documents directly to the school.

If you have children in different government or government-aided schools, you can submit 1 application form to any of their schools. The school that receives the application form will inform you of the outcome.

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