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Naming of the School Blocks

(As part of the 165th Anniversary Of CHIJ in Singapore celebrations.)

Finbarr Block

Sister Finbarr was the longest-serving principal of KC, serving the school as the third and fifth principal for 22 years. Known for her effectiveness and compassion in steering the staff and students through the post-war growth and expansion phase, her office was also coincidentally located in the oldest part of KC (at Martia Road), affectionately referred to as Finbarr House. To commemorate her work, we have re-named the Admin block as Finbarr Block.

Finbarr01 (640x427).jpg

Theodora Block

Sister Theodora was the first principal of KC and as the founding principal, she was responsible for setting up the first five purpose-built classrooms for 197 students in the school. As such, we have re-named the classroom block as Theodora Block.

Theodora02 (640x427).jpg

Veronica Block

Sister Veronica was the fourth principal of KC. During her term, she initiated the construction of the first purpose-built science laboratories in 1956. To celebrate her influence on science education in KC, we have re-named the science and food laboratories block as Veronica Block.

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St Vincent de Paul Block

Sister St Vincent de Paul was the second principal of KC. She was a principal with a ‘can do’ spirit who led the school through the tough world war two years. We are reminded of her leadership and influence during this very difficult period, as she was one who fervently believed that the arts education comforted the soul during times of strife and hardship. As such, we have re-named the block with the art studio, D & T studio, aesthetics and CCA rooms as St Vincent de Paul Block.

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Mathilde Block

Mother Mathilde was our founding mother, responsible for starting the IJ schools and mission in Singapore. We commemorate her vision, leadership, faith and courage in travelling all the way from France to set up IJ in Singapore by renaming the block where the heritage alcoves are located as Mathilde Block.

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Barre Block

As the founder of the first free ‘little schools’ for girls and the group now known worldwide as the Infant Jesus Sisters, we honour Father Barré’s invaluable contribution to all our lives by re-naming the hall block where all convent girls, past and present gather to commemorate Founder’s Day and other major school events as Barré Block.

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