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1. Can I apply for a place in CHIJ Katong Convent, if my daughter is not from CHIJ Katong Primary?
Yes, she may apply for Sec 1 placement.

2. How do I register my daughter at CHIJ Katong Convent if she is posted here?
On the next working day after the release of the posting results, your daughter must report to CHIJ Katong Convent. Registration will begin at 8.30 am.

3. How many Express, Normal (Academic) and Normal (Technical) classes are there?
- 4 Express classes
- 2 Normal (Academic) classes
- 1 Normal (Technical) class

4. If my daughter qualifies for both Express and Normal (Academic) course, which course should I opt for?
We encourage you to discuss this with your daughter, taking into consideration her emotional and learning needs, on choosing the learning environment that would be best suited for her.
Please feel free to speak to us if you would like to understand more about the demands and differences between the Express and Normal (Academic) courses.


1. What are the school fees?
Please refer to the following link:
Autonomous fee for our school is $3.00.

2. What is the start-time for regular school days?
Students are to report to their classes for morning assembly by 7.35 am. Classes begin at 8.00 am.

3. Does my daughter need to attend religious programmes?
The Catholic Connect and the Gather Us in programmes are for Catholic students only.

4. Can my daughter bring her mobile phone/electronic device to school?
CHIJ Katong Convent has a policy which governs the use of mobile phone/ electronic devices. There are two designated areas for students to use their mobile devices - foyer and canteen. The use of mobile phones is prohibited in other areas, unless instructions are given by their teacher to use them for teaching and learning purposes. More details can be found in the student journal

5. Will transport be provided?
We do not provide transport services unlike primary school.


1. Does my daughter need to buy a laptop/mobile device as part of school programme?
Please refer the following link: https://www.chijkatongconvent.moe.edu.sg/student-development/national-digital-literacy-programme

2. What are some of the special programmes that the school offers?
CHIJ Katong Convent offers the following distinctive programmes:
1) GCE O Level Drama and Lower Sec Drama Programme
2) Enhanced Art Programme
3) Art and Culture Programme (pilot phase)


1. What are the available CCAs?
Please refer to the following link: https://chijkatongconvent.moe.edu.sg/student-development/cca

2. Is it compulsory for my daughter to join CCA?
Yes, it is compulsory for all students in secondary schools.

3. Can my daughter join more than 1 CCA?
We do not encourage students to participate in more than one CCA due to the demands of secondary school. Instead students are encouraged to participate actively in the training, practice sessions and contribute positively to their chosen CCA. Students who can cope well academically can appeal to take up a second CCA.