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Participation in study by the University of Edinburgh

Dear students,

KC has been invited to participate in a study carried out by the University of Edinburgh in Scotland. This study looks at the relationship between physical activity and academic achievement in adolescent females, and CCAs will be randomly selected to participate in this study. If your CCA has been selected, you will be asked by your CCA teacher to complete a short, 15 minute questionnaire on your mobile phone during one of your CCA sessions. Participation in this study is entirely voluntary, and if you or your parents do not wish for you to participate in this study, you can complete an opt out form which will be given to you on 14 May 2018. There is no risk involved in this study, and you will not need to include your name on the questionnaire. 

Please note that this study has been approved by the Ministry of Education. More details on the study and an opt-out form can be found here: