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Stay Connected

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We welcome our alumnae to come back and contribute to the school. If you are interested to join the KC Alumnae network, be kept informed of alumni news and know more about how you can give back to KC, please complete the form below.

  • EDUCATION AND CAREER GUIDANCE: to share your post secondary educational options/ vocations/ jobs or source speakers from a wide variety of sectors to help students gain insights into job choices and career prospects. This is especially meaningful for the upper secondary students.

  • WORK EXPOSURE AND OBSERVERSHIPS: During the June and Nov vacations, Sec 3 students can sign up for work attachments at a wide variety of places for periods of 3 days to 2 weeks. Alumnae’s help is needed to source for companies and organisations to host our girls. Our girls enjoy and appreciate such opportunities as they gain valuable insights into the world of work which in turn may help them make more realistic and informed plans and choices.

  • SCHOOL EVENTS: to support key school events by participating as invited guests, panel speakers or to be sponsors for our fund-raising events.

  • SPIRITUAL DEVELOPMENT: to collaborate with the School Chaplaincy Team to enhance the school’s spirituality programme.

If you’re interested to volunteer for any of the above activities or have ideas to contribute, please contact the school or Mrs Karen Jalleh at karen_jalleh@moe.edu.sg