Drama Elective Programme

One of the three pioneer schools in the East Zone to offer GCE O level Drama since 2008, the Drama Elective Programme affords students the opportunity to pursue their passion and strength in the art form as an O level subject.

The Drama Elective Programme develops students’ understanding of Drama through both practical and theoretical study, including the study and analysis of human behaviour through dramatic forms as well as skills development via dramatic presentations. The programme equips students with the skills to create pieces of theatre which, when viewed by the audience, evokes strong feelings as a means to get audiences to consider their message. While searching for their own form of expression, students are exposed to different types of theatre, creative processes, professions and practices in the theatre industry through artist-led masterclasses and performance experiences. Students enrolled in DEP can expect a comprehensive and highly customised programme.

For more information, please visit here at the Drama & Theatre Studies page.