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Students Exchange Programme

17th Singapore-Hong Kong Exchange Programme (SHKEP) 2018

This programme is an initiative between the Hong Kong Education Bureau (HK-EDB) and Singapore's Ministry of Education (MOE). The annual exchange programme was first carried out in 2000 with 6 secondary schools from both Singapore and Hong Kong to meet the following objectives: 

1) Promote cultural exchange among participating schools;
2) Provide opportunities for students to broaden their perspectives, learn social and language skills, and cultivate respect for differences in culture. 

This year, 58 Hong Kong students (14 years old) and their accompanying teachers visited Singapore from 14 to 21 July. 58 Singapore students, selected from 6 secondary schools, together with 6 accompanying teachers and a school leader hosted these visitors during the week and will in turn visit Hong Kong from 3 to 10 November. 

Our school is proud to be selected as one of the 6 participating schools to represent Singapore in this programme in 2018. The school was represented by 10 students from Secondary Two who were buddies to their visiting student counterparts and hosted them in their homes for the week. This home-stay segment is a key component of the exchange programme as it provides opportunities for students to learn social and language skills, as well as cultivate respect for differences in culture. Our KC students enjoyed their week with their buddies immensely and found the experiences both enriching and special. They are looking forward to the second leg of the programme in November!

KC-Fukuoka Futaba Exchange Programme 2019

The first leg of the annual KC-Fukuoka Futaba Exchange Programme commenced on 1 August 2019 with the arrival of our IJ sisters (ten students and one teacher) from Fukuoka Futaba (FF) School in Fukuoka, Japan. The FF students were hosted by of our very own Secondary 2 students during their 6-day stay in Singapore:

1.    Maya Irdina Binte Mohamed Rezal (201)

2.    Liv Erica Lim (201)

3.    Stella Braga Wong (202)

4.    Than Jo-Elle (203)

5.    Yolande Ang (203)

6.    Rebecca Jenna Eu Pei En (204)

7.    Leong Kar Yan, Justine (204)

8.    Tahirah Rebekah Koshy (205)

9.    Andrea Chua Qin Yi (205)

10.  Narelle Teo Ee Hsuen (205)

Besides attending daily lessons with their KC host sisters, the FF students also experienced the sights, sounds and tastes of Singapore together with their host families. The FF teacher was hosted to local delights and delicacies by KC teachers and also observed several lessons throughout his stay in order to better understand the teaching and learning practices in KC.

On 5 September, our ten KC students, together with five Secondary 3 students and Mdm Jessy Tan, Ms Gan Siew Cheng and Ms Heng Pei Yan embarked on their journey to Fukuoka for the second leg of this exchange programme. The five Secondary 3 students were:

1.    Sheryl Ong (302)

2.    Lam Jin Yun (302)

3.    Farishta Elizabeth George (303)

4.    Aisyah Binte Ameer (304)

5.    Dina Ardieana Putri Romzi (304)

Our Secondary 2 KC students were given the opportunity to now stay with their buddies’ families for 6 nights, and attended school every day together with their host sisters. Our Secondary 3 KC students stayed at a hotel with the teachers but also attended school every day. They were paired with buddies from the same level at Fukuoka Futaba School. Besides observing how lessons were conducted, the teachers and students also participated in some of their club activities.

Throughout the experience, everyone got a chance to experience school life in Japan, including their daily culture and traditions. They also managed to go sightseeing and eat delectable Japanese dishes such as the famous Hakata ramen.

This exchange programme has indeed been an enriching and unforgettable experience for all the participants, involving much learning, joy and tears of goodbye. We certainly look forward to our next exchange with Fukuoka Futaba School in 2020.