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Student Leadership

Vision : Caring leaders who excel
Mission : To nurture values-driven leaders who influence and leave a positive impact in their community

The Student Leadership Programme in KC aims to nurture values-driven leaders who influence and leave a positive impact in their community. Aligned with the drive for Holistic Pupil Development and 21st Century Competencies, all students are given the training opportunities and service platforms to develop her leadership potential.

The school has designed a comprehensive leadership training programme for all students and student leaders to support them in their leadership development journey and aspirations towards the KC Graduate Profile. They are equipped with the values, skills and knowledge to achieve their potential as a student leader in KC. Ample opportunities are provided for students to exhibit their leadership skills through involvement in organisation, planning and implementation of the many and varied activities in school and community. These include camps, Book & Music Week, National Day Celebration and Community Values in Action initiatives.

Desired Outcomes

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A caring leader is defined as a values-driven student, who will aim to uphold the values of the KC student leader. She is able to show genuine concern to self-improvement, helping others, consistently exhibiting empathy, and taking into account perceptions of others. As a leader who excels, she will continuously seek to reflect and act in her own growth. She will also build on her strengths, helping others in her sphere of influence to excel positively.

Student Leadership Structure in KC

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Student Leaders

Students who are role models of moral excellence and exhibit leadership qualities are selected to lead as Class Committee, CCA Committee, Class Leaders, CCA Leaders and Students Councillors. They serve as representatives of the student body, led by the Student Leadership Board – an elected board of Student Leaders from three Leadership Strands (Class, CCA & Student Council).

Student Leadership Board

As an elected body of student leaders, the Student Leadership Board serves as the representative of all student leaders, providing leadership, direction and care to the student leaders in the school. As leaders, they are instrumental in organising and managing resources to meet the needs of the school. They are entrusted with the responsibility of being the voice of the student body. The work closely with the School Management to enhance the quality of student life in KC and are highly involved in student-led initiatives and programmes to benefit the student community.