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IJ Youth Mission


The CHIJ Youth is called to participate in the IJ Mission, symbolized by the Boat of Discipleship, fastened with the IJ Sail that steers its orientation.

With the courage of youth and the openness to grow, the CHIJ Youth allows herself to be mentored like a young seagull riding on the winds of the waves to give herself to God for others.

It provides an enabling environment for girls to recognize and promote the dignity of human persons especially the disadvantaged.

Programme (all levels)

IJYM identifies and reaches out to various groups to serve according to their needs. Programmes and activities are planned in conjunction with the internal programme of the organisations served. Our girls plan & organise activities, and prepare material for these programmes.

Working with 5 themes in annual rotation, teachers design activities and select material to conduct sessions to build understanding of the theme for the year in order to support the various groups we identify to serve. The themes are: Taking off my shoes, Dignity challenged, Walking alongside with sufferers, Hoping against hope, Light in darkness.

Four Inter-IJYM activities and the competition are organized across the 5 IJ secondary schools annually: Fun Day, Combined Camp, Leadership Training, Competition & Presentation. About 200 IJYM girls from all the 5 IJ secondary schools participate in these combined IJ activities which are organized and hosted by each school taking turns on a voluntary basis.

Achievements (last 3 years)

2020 – N.A.
2019 – Accomplishment Award
2018 – Accomplishment Award