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Cabin Club


Cabin Club is a customised Co-Curricular Activity (only offered to Normal Technical students) designed to take place during curriculum time. Established since 2009, it has undergone a few revamps along the way, including featuring refreshed modules such as the stage management module, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) module and culinary module. At the end of the four years (from Sec. 1NT to Sec. 4NT), students will acquire useful knowledge and skills that will enable them to:

(i) develop their personal qualities and be innovative problem solvers, discerning and compassionate members of the community;
(ii) demonstrate positive values such as teamwork, perseverance, excellence and resilience as they embark on challenging projects;
(iii) build their confidence and increase their sense of self-worth while discovering their hidden talents and strengths thus developing a sense of purpose in life as they uncover the different pathways for success;
(iv) build positive and meaningful relationships and enhance their effective communication skills.


Featuring modules such as:
  • Stage Management Module - Lighting & Sound, Sets & Costume, Stage Production, Book and Music Week Special Performance
  • Culinary Module - Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Course
  • STEM (Science Technology Engineering Math) Module - 3D Pen Creation/ Create Your Own 3D Light Bulb, Circuit Tinkering, Strawbees, Making own Solar toys.
  • Arts - Batik Painting, EZ-link Card Design Competition.



  • EZ Link Card Design Competition 2018 by National Organ Transplant Unit (May)
  • IgnITE Skills Challenge - Mad Mocktail Strikes Again (Apr)
  • IgnITE Skills Challenge - Goodbye to Pain (Apr)
  • IgnITE Skills Challenge - Circuit Tinkering (Apr)


Ignite! 2021 - Top 9 in the finals in the following categories:
  • Digital Media Storytelling 
  • Social Media Marketing 
  • Storytelling with Data 

  • Ignite Skills Challenge 2019 - Finalists