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Simple in Virtue by Francine Koh (KC 1979)


by Francine Koh, Class of 1979
(A poem inspired by our school song)
Simple in Virtue
Is what I have grown
Steadfast in Duty
Is what I have shown
Blessed be the God
He has charted my way
Blessed be the God
Walking in His Ways
My days in blue and white
True friends have I made
My days in blue and white
These friends have graced my days
In my younger days
I strived hard to build my future bright
By our motto bound
My guiding ground
As I grow each day
Wisdom I have found
Through strength and courage
I follow that sound
Bravely I have fought
Noble I aim to be
Success is not
Unless I am true in thought, word and deed.
Solidly united I stand
With God, my Family
Humility and Service to Others
Love for my Community
I live my dreams daily
I hope for peace and joy each day
I found the truth to be
That love starts with me
I hope these noble virtues will light
The future girls in blue and white
The wisdom of the journey
The motto that flamed this journey bright