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Nutrition & Food Science


  • Strengthening student wellness.
  • Building knowledge and aptitude in Nutrition and Food Science.
  • Nurturing individuals to be responsible and discerning consumers.

Lower Sec Programme

The lower secondary subject, known as Food & Consumer Education, encourages students to be health ambassadors by advocating nutrition and health for self, family and community. The subject also takes into consideration the issue of food security, which includes food safety and sustainable food consumption practices that can affect the environment, including Singapore and the world. The lower secondary experience helps our students learn to apply scientific principles during food preparation and cooking and pick up basic skills for independent living.

Upper Sec Programme

The upper secondary subject, known as Food & Nutrition, encourages students to be self-regulated learners who construct their learning actively by reading beyond the text and conducting experiments to fulfil the coursework component. The programme builds a strong foundation in understanding the link between nutrition and good health, awareness in food sustainability and basic application of food science principles in the area of food preparation. The upper secondary experience helps students make informed food choices and create healthier food products for global considerations..

Signature Programmes

  • Basic Sewing Skills (Sec 1)
  • Partnership Programmes