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National Civil Defence Cadet Corps (NCDCC)


Ms Lim Shi Ying
Mr Michael Ang
Mr Faizal Hussein

Training days, time & location

Fridays, 3:15 p.m. to 6.00 p.m. 

*Students may be down occasionally on other days of the week for various NCDCC HQ events and activities.
School (for regular CCA sessions), Home Team Academy (for some HQ events) and other venues assigned by HQ (for other events)


  • Our Vision
    • To develop and empower our youth to be active and concerned citizens advocating life-saving skills.
  • Our Mission
    • A choice uniformed group of community first responders.


Badge Framework
Sec 1: Fire Safety, Total Defence (Bronze), Foot Drill (Bronze), Campcraft
Sec 2: First Aid, Total Defence (Silver), CPR, SANA, CD Knowledge, Foot Drill (Silver), Rescue
Sec 3: HAZMAT, Total Defence (Gold), Homefront Security, Foot Drill (Gold)
Sec 4: Psychological First Aid

Courses (Sec 3 only)
Specialisation courses (Fire Safety, Medical Response and Urban Search and Rescue), Unit Drill Instructor course

Other key events
Affirmation Day (for Sec 1s), Annual Unit Camp, Community Engagement, Emergency Preparedness Day, NCDCC Service Month, NCDCC Games Day, NCDCC Day Parade, National Day Parade, NFEC-NCDCC Inter Unit Quiz, Precision Drill Challenge, Urban Adventure Civil Defence Skills Challenge



  • 15th Uniformed Groups Bowling Championships 2019
    • 1st position in the Girls (Team) category
    • 1st and 10th in the Girls (Individual) category
CHIJ KC_UG Bowling Comp.jpeg

  • SCDF-NCDCC Pinnacle Badge 
    • Cadet: Low Jia Wen Jamie


  • SCDF-NCDCC Pinnacle Badge (Cadet: Evangelista Marian Judith)
  • NCDCC Games Day (3rd in 4 x 100m relay (girls))
  • NCDCC Outdoor Resilience Adventure Challenge (NORAC)2018
    • 6th place
  • Unit Overall Performance Award - Silver


  • Unit Overall Peformance Award (Bronze)
  • SCDF-NCDCC Pinnacle Badge (Cadet: Nur Syazana Gonzaga)
  • NFEC-NCDCC Inter Unit Quiz (9th)

Updated: 29 December 2019