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Sports Development Club


  • To develop students who are competent, confident and passionate sportspersons.
  • Developing fundamental motor skills and long term athlete development 

Programme (Lower Sec)

  • Develop:
    • Gross and fine motor movement to improve fundamental motor skills.
    • Game skills for badminton, floorball and netball.
    • Team / co-operative and inter-personal skills.
    • personal fitness habits (endurance and strength fitness)

Programme (Upper Sec)

  • Develop:
    • Tactical game skills for badminton, floorball and netball.
    • personal fitness habits (speed and agility)
  • Refining gross and fine motor skills for the chosen sports (badminton, floorball and netball).

Achievements (Last 3 years)

  • 2019:
    • ISP Sports Carnival 2019 (organized at St Hilda’s Secondary School)
      • Badminton Girls’ (2nd)
      • Floorball Girls’ (3rd)
      • Netball Girls’ (2nd)

Updated : 8 October 2020