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6. Submitting Forms

Mandatory Forms

Health and Dental Services

The Health Promotion Board (HPB)’s School Health and Dental Services will be conducting its annual health screening, immunisation and dental services for your child. These services ensure the protection of your child’s health and early detection of health issues.

We appreciate your partnership with HPB to give our children a healthier start in life.
Your consent is needed to ensure your child receives these important health and dental services provided.

Please click on this link to access the HPB portal to give consent. (link will be enabled by 21 Dec)

Catholic Students (For Catholics only)

Please complete the online form. (link will be enabled by 21 Dec)

Optional Forms

Additional forms for Secondary 1 Registration Day can be found below:

After School Engagement  (link will be enabled by 21 Dec)
Parents without access to Parents Gateway (link will be enabled by 21 Dec)