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5. Supporting your Child

i. Counselling Needs

a. What is counselling?

Counselling is a collaborative helping process where the school counsellor and student explore the student’s challenges with a focus on feelings, thoughts and their behaviour. This process is aimed at guiding students to develop a better understanding of themselves and insights into the issues they face, with the hope of positive change. A relationship of trust between the counsellor and student forms the foundation for effective counselling to take place.

b. Who is counselling for?

The life of a student can be a stressful one. Students who are facing personal challenges and issues such as these can choose to approach the school counsellor for help: 
  • Relationship and interpersonal issues
  • Academic stress
  • Personal issues 
  • Coping and problem-solving 
  • Decision-making

c. Who do I approach if I have queries or concerns related to counselling for my child/ ward?

      • Form teachers
      • School counsellors:

ii. Catholic Students

We are pleased that you have chosen CHIJ Katong Convent to provide a Catholic school experience for your daughter/ ward.  Noting that parents are the first catechists of their child’s faith formation, here at CHIJ Katong Convent, we endeavour to support our Catholic parents through offering a Catholic programme for their daughter/ ward.  

Catholic students are to fill in this form(link will be enabled by 21 Dec)

iii. After School Engagement

The After School Engagement (ASE) is targeted for students who might not have after school supervision (i.e., both working parents without extended support in caring for the child). The ASE is a student-centred hub where students engage in a structured after-school programme within the school environment, extending the culture of care beyond school hours. 

In ASE, students are supervised to complete their homework, engage in meaningful social interactions, learn leadership skills as well as participate in meaningful activities such as sports, craft, community work or even learning journeys.

The ASE will operate on non-CCA days (Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays). The operating hours are from 2:30 p.m. – 5:30 p.m.

As part of the daily ASE schedule, students complete their homework/studies during the first hour. After which, they will be engaged in an activity planned for them by the ASE teachers in charge. Most activities will be held within the school compound. Parents will be informed in advance if activities are to be conducted out of school.

If you are keen to sign your child/ward up for the ASE please fill in the form using this link.

If you have any other queries about ASE, please contact Ms Lee Shu Min (lee_shu_min@moe.edu.sg).

What is the participation size of the ASE?

The ASE programme takes in students from different levels.  Hence the capacity for the Sec 1s intake will be limited to an ideal size of about 15 students.  This is a tentative Sec 1 projection subject to the response to this programme.

What is the commitment for this programme?

Once you sign up for this programme, we require a commitment for a year and attendance will be tracked.  You will be notified if your daughter/ ward is absent and we require a doctor’s medical certificate or parental letter if she is unable to attend.  However, if you do wish to pull out of the programme in the course of the year, please indicate your intent in writing to the Principal.

Is participation in the ASE free?

The ASE is free. However, students will need to pay for some termly enrichment programmes organised.

How are students selected for this?

Parents will have to sign up if they want their daughter/ ward to be in the ASE. However, in the event of overwhelming response, the school reserves the right to put in place a selection process best suited for this programme. This selection process will take into account the after school care situation of the prospective applicant.

How will I know if my child/ward is selected for this programme?

A school staff member will get in touch with you and notify you by Term 1 Week 3. Alternatively, you may contact Mrs Algena Lim (koh_jiun_algena_louisa@moe.edu.sg).

When will ASE begin?

The ASE will begin when CCA commences for Secondary One.

What if my daughter/ward needs to leave before the ASE programme ends for the day?

You will need to sign her out at the General Office if you would like to pick her up or if you require her to leave on her own, you will need to do so in writing. If she is unwell during the ASE programme, we will require you to pick her up from school.

Is lunch provided in the ASE programme?

Students will have to take their own lunch in the canteen before reporting to the ASE room. If they are hungry during the ASE, they can buy snacks to consume. Depending on the activities, snacks will also be provided during some activities (i.e., baking or cookery)

What extra items must they have for ASE?

They are not required to bring any extra items. Students will be informed to bring their PE attire if games or Art & craft sessions are organised. They must also have their study materials (e.g., daily homework) to be used during the study period.

Does the ASE operate during the mid-year and end-of-year examination period?

During the examination period, students will end at different timings. The ASE students will be supervised in the library for self-study if necessary. The ASE will resume operations once the exam ends.

Does the ASE operate during the school holidays?

No, the ASE does not operate during the school holidays.

iv. Financial Assistance

The MOE Financial Assistance Scheme is available to students who :
    • Are Singapore Citizens.
    • Attend government or government-aided schools.
    • Have a monthly gross household income of $2,750 or less, or a monthly per capita income of $690 or less.
If the current primary school has processed and approved your FAS application, please kindly provide a copy of the approval letter when you come to collect the school uniform and textbooks.

More information on MOE FAS can be found here.

You may refer to the flowchart below for the application process.

FAQs for S1 (fas).jpg

v. Special Education Needs

The school has a full-time Allied Educator for Learning and Behavioural Support, Ms Gursheran Kaur who supports students with learning needs. 

If you have any queries or concerns related to special needs provision, please contact Ms Gursheran Kaur (gursheran_kaur@moe.edu.sg).