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The KC Graduate

As part of the school’s character development focus, Katong Convent is committed in developing the all-round KC girl.

Each student is being developed in relation to the competencies of the KC Graduate Profile comprising 4 main domains:
  • Compassionate Servant Leader
  • Innovative Problem Solver
  • Effective Communicator
  • Discerning Citizen of the World

The attributes in the KC Grad profile form part of the journey in the development of our students. At some juncture of their school life, our students pause, reflect, self-assess and receive feedback from their teachers.

Compassionate Servant Leader
Innovative Problem Solver
Noble – others before self
Teamwork – Works effectively in teams and exercises initiative
Compassion – Care and concern; takes an active role to better the lives of others around her
Innovative and strives for excellence
Humility – humble, polite and kind
Shows perseverance and takes calculated risks
Independent and critical thinker
Respects self, others and the sanctity of life
Takes responsibility for her own learning and asks questions
Effective Communicator
Discerning Citizen of the World
Has self-awareness and self-management skills
Moral integrity and justice – strong sense of right and wrong
Has moral courage and confidence
Embraces differences and is discerning in judgement
Has good relationship management and is able to work in a team
Rooted to Singapore; has a strong civic consciousness and is informed
Communicates and collaborates effectively
Pursues lifelong learning, has a global mindset
Appreciates aesthetics (acting / singing / dancing / drawing / painting)
Adaptable and resilient