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Key Personnel


Principal Ms Patricia Chan
Vice-Principal (Education Officer) Mrs Goh Kok Chan
Vice-Principal (Education Officer)
Ms Annie Lim
Vice-Principal (Administration)
Mr George Cheah


Heads of Department  
Mr Nathanael Tan
Character and Citizenship Education Mrs Lena Siau
English Language and Literature Mr Owen Tan
Humanities Mdm Wahidah Ahamad
Information and Communication Technology Ms Louisa Tan
Mathematics Ms Chin Qinning
Mother Tongue Languages Ms Ong Meiqing
Partnerships Ms Cheryl Anne Lim
Physical Education/ CCA  Ms Priscilla Humphries 
Science Ms Chew Xiang Wen
School Staff Developer Mr Low Wai Hoong
Year Head (Student Development Team) Ms Gail Yap
Year Head (Student Development Team) Mdm Jessy Tan


Subject Heads  
Biology Ms Rawdah Juma'at
Discipline  Mrs Algena Lim 
Information and Knowledge Management Mr Timmy Ng
Literature and Drama Ms Yin Mei Lenden
Malay Language Ms Norazian Mohamed Yahya
Mrs Nooryati Leong
Student Leadership Mr Owen Tan


Senior Teachers  
Character and Citizenship Education Mrs Helen Lie
Chemistry Mr Alex Lim
English Language Mrs Esther Ng
Educational Support
Mdm Zakiah Subahan
Literature Mrs Sukhjeet Singh
Physical Education Mr John D Jegathesan
Social Studies Mr Tan Swee Hong


General Office Management  
Administration Manager Mr Tan Wee Hian
Operations Manager Mr Mohamed Ayub Daud Khan
Administration Executive Ms Aqilah Jumaat 
Administration Executive Ms Mardiah 
Administration Executive  Ms Meredith Ng