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Our Goals

"Our Passion is Realising the Potential of Others"

  • Every KC mathematics teacher is passionate about mathematics, and this passion permeates into the life-force of each KCian.
  • Our passion is seen in our zeal to help our girls see the relevance of mathematics with their surroundings, and unlock their potential to be innovative problem solvers and lifelong learners.

Programme Overview

Experience - Mathematics Learning Experiences

Learning Experiences (LEs) influence the ways teachers teach and students learn. Students perform actions and activities with created opportunities under the guidance of teachers. LEs afford students the opportunities to:
(i) Enhance conceptual understanding through use of various mathematical tools including ICT tools
(ii) Apply concept and skills learnt in real-world context
(iii) Communicate their reasoning and connections through various mathematical tasks and activities
(iv) Build confidence and foster interest in mathematic

Enrich - Math Trail and Mathematical Modelling Activities

Apart from acquiring mathematics concepts and skills, we enrich our girls learning by exposing them to fun-filled and meaningful activities. Such opportunities seek to advance our students in the following areas:
(i) reasoning and communication,
(ii) application and modelling,
(iii) thinking skills and problem solving heuristics.

Singapore Mathematical Olympiads (SMO) Competition

This year, 24 students from the secondary 2 classes had undergone a series of training sessions from July 2018 to May 2019 and they participated in the competition held on 4 June 2019. These students had attended the Mathematics Olympiad Training under Associate Professor Toh Tin Lam, Deputy Head Mathematics & Mathematics Education at the National Institute of Education (Singapore).

This programme provided an avenue to challenge and stretch our students’ mathematical potential. Students learnt various advanced Mathematics topics such as Number Theory, Geometry and Algebra. Under the guidance of Professor Toh, our students developed their passion for Mathematics and worked together to sharpen their problem-solving skills, especially in solving non-routine problems. Our students really appreciated his sincerity and patience.

The Singapore Mathematics Olympiad (SMO) Competition is a prestigious and rigourous annual affair celebrating mathematical thinking and skills. We are pleased with the efforts put in by our students and would like to congratulate the following students for their very deserving achievement

SMO 2019 winners.JPG

Extend - Training and Participation in Competitions

For studens who are more keen and ready, we extend their learning by exposing them to higher order thinking and challenge them to pit their knowhow in selected competitions.

Collaboration - with MOE Mathematics Unit

We are proud to collaborate with MOE to help our students Improve their Confidence and Achievment in Numeracy (ICAN) in Mathematics. ICAN focuses on resource development and professional development of teachers, together with the school’s support, to better conceptualise Maths lessons. With the necessary skills and competencies to diagnose and scaffold learning, as well as a deeper understanding on how to activate long term memory, lesson plans were crafted to better suit students’ learning styles. These increases students’ engagement and strengthens their mathematical processes, while at the same time make the learning of Maths fun and enjoyable.

Updated on 11 November 2019